10 Steps To Online Marketing Strategies!

10 Steps To Online Marketing Strategies!


Have you ever wondered how people online make money? Today’s topic will be about 10 Steps To Online Marketing Strategies! Now this is one of the things I love about blogging, What do I mean? Let me share with you how blogging can help you turn it into a profit. With a blog you can share so many ideas that to be honest with you, You do create or think of ideas on a daily basis I’m sure, Right? How can you even find the courage to blog? What are you passionate about, Ask yourself right now..What am i passionate about….I’ll give you 30 seconds. Time’s Up OK now that you  know what you’re passionate about…Let me ask you, Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have a blog describing your passions? These 10 steps to online marketing strategies are crucial to whatever product and/or services you offer to your buyers. Think about how powerful how that can be for your blogging platform and not just any blogging platform my friend. A blogging platform that is an authoritative domain on the internet. First what you will find in these 10 steps to online marketing strategies will be helpful for those of you who are new to online marketing or looking to increase sales coming in from your current niche. Yesterday as i was surfing the net I’m usually popping into LinkedIn this past week and decided to use it differently. Here’s How! Do you realize how much money you’re leaving on the table by not marketing online?  

It’s the truth my friend!

What I started to do was engage more with my connections in LinkedIn which were plenty being I have not been really using it for quite some time people as I saw when I logged in that many endorsed me and so on. Now in doing so I said hey why not join in some groups has I learned recently from Neil Patel at an a Las Vegas event three weeks ago. What he said was why not join into groups and join open groups in LinkedIn that peek your interest.  Blogging being one of them for me I naturally went looking for bloggers and/or blogging groups. I did find about 6 that I joined and started to search the page and read some interesting articles in Bloggers y periodistas which was one of the groups I joined and happy to be there and read some great articles from other bloggers. With so many people in the internet we connect with so many people on all of these social media platforms that are out now…like Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Istagram..(being on top of the list in that category) Now the 10 steps to online marketing strategies are what and will help you just to remind you. So as I said earlier…join groups and at least 6-10 a day at least (I recommend it) Now back to what I was explaining on the importance to joining a group and engage. I reached out to someone (via) Bloggers y periodistas and stumbled upon and read her article which was extremely inspiring for one and motivated me plus  knowing how these 10 steps to online marketing strategies that she shared in her article made me blog about it some bit and share these steps with you. If you’re marketing online or a blogger and or maybe a traditional marketer let me inform you having a blogging platform is important and a must have in this time and age my friend. I connected with a great blogger as I like to call all who do blog and share value online and offline. The person who wrote this article in my opinion wrote a very good informative article and I reached out to her as you can see in the image below and her response was……..  

Engaging with other bloggers via LinkedIn

It is important that you engage with others online being truthful and being honest reading the authors article on their blog and this way it helps your blog become syndicated online. I simply asked her how her article was very informative and helpful and may it be fine for me to share it on my blog page and as you see above her response which I dearly appreciate her doing so…  

10 steps to online marketing strategies

  The 10 steps to online marketing strategies that she shares in her article which you can find it right here in the link below. Click Here to read Biljana Lukovic who you can find also in the group Bloggers y periodistas. Within these 10 steps she shares about Content marketing, Context marketing, Search engine marketing, Social media marketing,  Email marketing, Mobile SEO…..ETC! Check out her blog post by clicking above and leave her a comment and share also If you find this and her blog post valuable. Keep in mind to not be afraid to reach out to other bloggers, authors, marketers, online marketers…and so on (You get the Idea) Give us a Like and a share my friend and leave us your thoughts and comments down below. Watch a quick video provided below as a bonus for you for reading till the end of this blog post and I thank you (Don’t forget to leave your comments and thoughts below)   THANK YOU FRIEND!