Meerkat Introduces Live Social Hashtags

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Are you aware the power of hashtags?

Meerkat Introduces live social hashtags to it’s audience.

What’s really cool about this new update is that people

now will be able to target a specific category and

this is the quickest way to meet people

Also Included will be the fact that we will be

able to be featured on the user generated feed

of hashtags on the app once you follow @appMeerkat on Instagram

Now as a meerkat live streamer the community in it is very diverse and i will say more serious

entrepreneurs and much less trolls than what I’ve seen on periscope

and if you haven’t started using meerkat or even periscope you need to start to do so today.

What we do in the app is go live and talk about different topics

that can be shared with the viewers.

The millennials now all are being consumed by being able to go live.

They’re very smart these days (I mean I’m 44 years young) the millennials

who are 18-25 and I’ve seen it in my experience as I use meerkat and periscope.

The hashtags that have been added are going to elevate your reach at the sametime.

Now how will it help you may be asking yourself?

Well when you use your specific live social hashtags

within your livestream you will be able to see that the ones that are some that underlined

and some aren’t. As you will see in the illustrated image you see below.

 Meerkat Introduces Live Social Hashtags

Meerkat Introduces Social Hashtags

Do you see the underlined ones and the ones that aren’t?

That simply means that there’s a difference in the ones that are popular

compared to the ones that of which aren’t underlined.

So if you use popular hashtags like a certain show or what’s trending.

Once you hit that specific hashtag it will take you to the live streams at that point

that has relevant to it. Below you can see the example provided in the link.

Meerkat Introduces Social Hashtags

The power of Meerkat Introducing live social hashtags is so a game changer for the app.

There’s a lot of ways you and I will be able to use the platforms if you happen to build a brand

and/or already have a large audience and so on. Not sure if you’re a stay at home mom or dad

and you may have an opportunity, product and or service. By using the live hashtags you can target

your specific niche or niches.

Create a hashtag related to your stream and then users can see what hashtags are trending.

Have fun with it or with both platforms meerkat and periscope. Be aware as I mentioned earlier there are more trolls in periscope than there are in meerkat.


As Mentioned earlier do have fun with it and or both and don’t be to pushy on it and don’t be weak neither. Just be you that is your best bet. If you’re the type of person who already shoots videos on another livestream platform or You Tube also (which still is powerful) and still can be used to build your audience much bigger. Plus look out for my next blog post where I will be sharing with you tips and strategies, blogging for passion and/or you just want to build a bigger following make sure you enter your best email and name below and you will receive a notifications on updates, social media updates, app updates, targeted hashtags, social apps, new social apps, apps social……etc etc! Just connect with me so i can see how what we have will help you build the audience you’ve been waiting for.

Go here thing I forgot to mention is that meerkat has also added to it’s platform is the picture sharing feature. You can read more about it here.