It Does Matter!

How can you just sit there, yea you who’s about to read this article that will either move you, give you something to think about you may currently going through and it may even make you cry, help you vent out, hit where it hurts (YOUR PAIN POINTS) We all go through it my friend and what matters the most is who? YOU, Exactly and so now when you just sit there being still, Idle and just saying things like it doesn’t matter, Dude let me be the one to tell you and get in the thick head of yours, (IT DOES MATTER)

All what we do in our lives does matter 10X my friend and you complaining daily about whatever circumstances you may be in right now will not help us and/or serve us as well. We all have to overstand that yes there will be obstacles we will face as we grow within the process and whatever that process may be. We all hear it all the time right? Dude it’s not meant to be easy! People everyday for example are going through divorces like hot cakes out the oven. Or maybe you’re going through one now and really finding yourself in a big struggle. Now let me ask you a quick question, Do you think if we are constantly thinking of the current circumstances in our lives will we be helping ourselves by doing so? (Leave Your Answer In The Comments) Thank You.

All that we do matters and it should at all times, It matters in who you are in communication with, It does matter the enviroment you place yourself in and whom are your starting five within that enviroment and most likely they will be like the 5 they say you hang around the most eventually you’ll be number 6. It does matter the amount of people you do meet and as well how many hands you do shake during the process. Remember the process as well does matter and until you get that the process in itself won’t work on your favor.

It does matter big time what you do today to make and cultivate a much better and of course bigger tomorrow’s. Don’t be afraid about thinking too big. I think and believe that it’s very important to do so and commit to it as well. Now you may be going through a tough time right now , i don’t know but what i do know is that I continue to deliver you (the reader) the goods as we all should. Always Build Value (A.B.V.) These days selling and doing sales are totally different from what it was 30 years ago. Back in the day what was it the team, or managers , and/ owners would say to their sales dept.? Always Be Closing (A.B.C.) Now yes we have to make the close happen within that sale but the reality is, Is that now with the inter-webs and all of these platforms we have access too the right thing to do is (A.B.V.) ALWAYS BUILD VALUE!

So always remember that you my friend are the biggest sell you will have to make and why did i just jump on this topic as well in this article is simple…..If you can’t sell yourself then you won’t sell to no one else. Go out into the world (MARKETPLACE) and dominate your space and also dominate your space online, and always always always keep engaging to help keep you alive longer. Believe it or not you will need people in order to engage. And before I go and leave you with this, REALIZE AND SAY TO YOURSELF DAILY AND MAKE IT A HABIT TO SAY IT DAILY AND THAT IS.

Terrence Freeman, and to your successes!



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