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Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.

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Let Me Please REIntroduce Myself, Let’s Dive In! (Part 2)

Yessss I am backkkk, Happy Sunday to you all who love the steemit.


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Anyway good afternoon to you and many blessings as well to you and yours. So let us dive in where we left of in (Part 1) where I go in like an open book and give you the darkness and then the light. As I last said inside part 1 on how close I came to death and how i had a whole leg already inside my very own grave and let me tell you it’s not a great feeling you know what I mean.

So now moving forward with who I am and where I’m from and deliver to you the goods as we should. All of us have very unique stories and backgrounds, Would you agree with that? (Comment Below Yes If You Agree) Now at the time of that incident i almost cost my own life and of course affect those in the family to have to deal with it had that had happen. So now that you know what I shared with you in PART 1 of this blog series let me first commend you for your time and you reading on and engaging with me here as well.

Ok, this part in the blog will be what I do and what did I do to get to where I’m today in my life currently.

Now moving forward a few years of going through hardships, bad decision and hanging with the wrong crowd ans so on and so on. Change is a great thing once it’s accepted right?

After I’ve been working from job to job and earning and going from paycheck to paycheck starting in 2005 up until 2016 it was a long time but since 2009 is when I decided to build on my personal development and push and push hard. But it’s never easy as it seems. What I didn’t realize at the time was that i was just making things harder and difficult and not realizing that yes it isn’t easy like anything we want to expand in in our lives, but what we can do is realize that it’s simple and I just over complicated it.

We do and that’s most of us tend to over complicate things right? You remember those times I’m sure and most likely doing way better now or maybe not. The best part is, Is that we can simplify things if we really wanted too and this is where I started to pick up this thought and I ran with it.

One day it’ll hit you if you’re going through that currently in your life right now. Me personally I just got tired of not being able to afford the things I wanted in life to help make it better at the same time. What that really does is exactly what we feel and say (MAN I’M TIRED, TIRED OF IT ALL) and we speak it into existence and it manifest’s within and we show it externally.

What I did was just make a decision and surround myself around individuals who were doing it then and now and I adsorbed like a sponge event after event. Mind you my friend I only been to 10 events in my 4 year journey with my current passion that I love and that is to help people make more be more and do more and to be able to give more. Lookat the end of the day you and I know it’s what we want in fact what we all want and theirs no denying that,Right? Right, let me just answer that for you if you didn’t just mind (I HOPE) I Just did! 🙂

There were plenty of times where I felt if I was worthy of what I want to add into my life and turn that into an impact and I thought about it just for a sec or maybe a mill-a-second bottom line is I went and ran with it. So today I’m Terrence Freeman Born to be FREE and AND STAY FREE. These days I help people build multiple streams of income online and using various affiliate platforms that pay out a very well percentage point and I just started to focus on just the list building which is the key element when it comes to building a business online.

As well as we all should be and going after. Now I didn’t want to make this a book (lol) but if you seem to feel that way right now. I do apologize sincerely and I hope this has gotten your attention and has given you some insight on the fact that if we GIVE UP on the things we truly want for us and our family with the knowledge of knowing that we only want to be more and do more to be able to give more.

That’s what my life is today.
This Is Who I Was And Who I Am TODAY.

Thank you and be blessed!


It Does Matter!

How can you just sit there, yea you who’s about to read this article that will either move you, give you something to think about you may currently going through and it may even make you cry, help you vent out, hit where it hurts (YOUR PAIN POINTS) We all go through it my friend and what matters the most is who? YOU, Exactly and so now when you just sit there being still, Idle and just saying things like it doesn’t matter, Dude let me be the one to tell you and get in the thick head of yours, (IT DOES MATTER)

All what we do in our lives does matter 10X my friend and you complaining daily about whatever circumstances you may be in right now will not help us and/or serve us as well. We all have to overstand that yes there will be obstacles we will face as we grow within the process and whatever that process may be. We all hear it all the time right? Dude it’s not meant to be easy! People everyday for example are going through divorces like hot cakes out the oven. Or maybe you’re going through one now and really finding yourself in a big struggle. Now let me ask you a quick question, Do you think if we are constantly thinking of the current circumstances in our lives will we be helping ourselves by doing so? (Leave Your Answer In The Comments) Thank You.

All that we do matters and it should at all times, It matters in who you are in communication with, It does matter the enviroment you place yourself in and whom are your starting five within that enviroment and most likely they will be like the 5 they say you hang around the most eventually you’ll be number 6. It does matter the amount of people you do meet and as well how many hands you do shake during the process. Remember the process as well does matter and until you get that the process in itself won’t work on your favor.

It does matter big time what you do today to make and cultivate a much better and of course bigger tomorrow’s. Don’t be afraid about thinking too big. I think and believe that it’s very important to do so and commit to it as well. Now you may be going through a tough time right now , i don’t know but what i do know is that I continue to deliver you (the reader) the goods as we all should. Always Build Value (A.B.V.) These days selling and doing sales are totally different from what it was 30 years ago. Back in the day what was it the team, or managers , and/ owners would say to their sales dept.? Always Be Closing (A.B.C.) Now yes we have to make the close happen within that sale but the reality is, Is that now with the inter-webs and all of these platforms we have access too the right thing to do is (A.B.V.) ALWAYS BUILD VALUE!

So always remember that you my friend are the biggest sell you will have to make and why did i just jump on this topic as well in this article is simple…..If you can’t sell yourself then you won’t sell to no one else. Go out into the world (MARKETPLACE) and dominate your space and also dominate your space online, and always always always keep engaging to help keep you alive longer. Believe it or not you will need people in order to engage. And before I go and leave you with this, REALIZE AND SAY TO YOURSELF DAILY AND MAKE IT A HABIT TO SAY IT DAILY AND THAT IS.

Terrence Freeman, and to your successes!


Let Me Please REIntroduce Myself, Let’s Dive In!

Hey there my friend great meeting you here on this cool platform which that I have gotten wind of thing by watching some guy on YouTube speak about and it’s potential and like me who isn’t ever afraid to try and/or test something that’s new to me and so I’m in. Now let’s get back to the subject at hand who am I, What is it I do, and I’m sure you would like to know my background and where I’m from as well. Where would you like me to start? Hmm let’s see! Ok Ok Got it, I was born in the 70’s and raised in upper Manhattan in NYC and man how times have changed in so little time.

Anywho growing up here in Washington Heights was a bit tough back then for any child who lived here. Fast forwarding towards the ages between 7–10 were pretty tough at times and in 79 at the age of just being 9 years young I hear my mom screaming has my dad’s friends brought him inside by carrying him and placing him onto the couch. As I was awakened by the loud screams and she to be standing in shock as my dad was not responding to her calls nor his friends that were with him that night (Dec. 9th 1979)

The reason for my dads death was due to alcohol poisoning, My dad did like to have his drink at times and on Friday’s he and his friends would go to a local bar near the work establishment. On this specific Friday on the 9th of December my dad was fading away and the babysitter came to get me and my little brother Duane who was only 4 at the time and not really knowing what was happening in the living room as we passed my dad and seeing him lay there on the couch I knew something wasn’t just right.

So the next day I ask the babysitter’s daughter Yvette what is going on and where is my mom and dad and she explained to me that my mom was still at the hospital and that my dad (the only and real man I only looked up too) had gone to heaven is what she told me and for some reason I was angry and not really understanding the whole circumstance that I was in.

Days moving forward and obviously my brother being just a 4 year old and not really having a clue what’s happening around him and me just in a state of sadness to be honest and believe my dad was my all and for him to be gone like that hit me pretty hard, I was just angry and got into a couple of fights in school, schoolmates who I argued with because they would talk about my dad and so it was on. So anyway long story short in my teens i was fine and once I was in H.S. i did pretty good until I would dare say 3 months into the school year I started just acting up and just was getting tired of authority you like the teachers, security, the responding to the sounds of a very high pitch bell sound to return to class and the dean Mr. Bitner and let me tell you we didn’t get along at all my friend. Listen to this and not sure if this has happened to you but on the last day of school in my freshman year Mr.Bitner decides to call my mom to come in and once she arrived I was called upon by Mr. Bitner to come downstairs to his office.

Not sure why but all I can remember was me walking and startled a bit by seeing my mom sitting there and this Mr. Bitner who already was a angry human that I even believe when he was born he didn’t come out crying like most normal newborns. What I will say my friend is he came out very angry lolol!

While I was sitting there and Mr. Bitner starts vomiting out the mouth about all of the shenanigans and being mischievous at times during my freshman year. So as he’s explaining this to my mom she just gave me a look that till this day at the young age of 46 i still can remember that look. You know the look I’m sure, Boy wait till we get home. Mr.Bitner wasn’t done yet either what he said next blew both my mom and my mind as well and it made things much worst for me that summer. What happened next was a low blow and what he said (Mr.Bitner) was today is your last day at this high school and my response was yes I know it’s summer break and he was like no Mr. Terrence Freeman you are being EXPELLED as of today. Dudes when I mean a low blow and seeing how upset my mother was that I ended up being grounded for that whole entire summer.

That was the worse to have to spend my summer indoors and sometimes sitting outside the fire-escape looking down at the moving crowd and hustle and bustle and of course seeing my friends playing on the block across the street, football, baseball, tag and many games and activities we did together as well. And writing this blog and even thinking about it as the vision of that era in my life popped up I can clearly remember it and clearly see it.

Now what I just shared with you were the early years in a brief description of where I come from and whom I am as well. I think it’s important that we all share our earlier years as far back as we can remember and share the points that matter to your audience as they read your blog post also here on this platform and looking to connect with you here as well. In this 2nd part I will be sharing with you my obstacles that I’ve faced in my 20’s and how 3 times I almost died and to be honest I shouldn’t be here on Earth. But I am extremely grateful and very much thankful. and much more (SO STAY TUNED AND LET’S CONNECT!!)

Look out for a (part 2) to this blog series where I’m formally Going To REintroduce Myself and Dive In!

Terrence Freeman

Much Success!