Blog Your Business

Are you in business for yourself?

Are you marketing your products and services online and off?

Are you aware the power of having a blog for your business?

As we are coming to another end of the year there may be some things that you may have not accomplished and that’s OK!

But I’m here to tell you that one of the things you probably didn’t do was get a blog for your business. Blogs in today’s market place have been very important to most businesses online and off because it helps you become an authority online.  The online market place is so brand new and is the best time to build an audience by using a blog. Blogs help create leads and help generate traffic.

The key thing to remain focused should be, How can I become more omnipresent. People will not know who you are if you are not using social media. We all have access to these platforms online and most people are still marketing as if its still 2012.

Having a blog helps create your story. Storytelling about your struggles and those that you’ve overcome are one of the ways to help you get leads that become buyers. Right now you may be in an MLM company and seem to be in the same income bracket as you were back in Jan of 2015 and have not been able to yield results.

Tired of the Paycheck to Paycheck System?

Take the time right now and ask yourself, Am I where I want to be right now in my life? If you look all around you most people aren’t because so many quit. I’m here to help you prevent that from happening my friend.Don’t quit what you got started with. All you need to do is use a system that in turn will help you generate leads that will eventually become sales.

You have to be willing to establish yourself as the authority, People only will know what you say. Most network marketers are told to do three things that help set them up for failure

  1. Go  talk to friends and families
  2. Build a List write down names, phone numbers and email
  3. home meeting
  4. events
  5. regional events

Are you familiar with these (to do’s) that was most likely told to you by your sponsor and/or their leaders. Like most distributors are told talk to friends and family and do it the traditional way (which is ok) but wouldn’t you also want to have a blog page online doing the work for you? I’m sure you do and that is what i have to offer you is a blogging platform to help brand you and your products.

The best part about this is you can share this platform with your team members to help them generate leads and sales if you are in an MLM company and you and the team are getting frustrated all have been for sometime now.

Let’s start to let all that go today, Honestly it isn’t doing you any good, Think about it, It’s another form of self sabotaging (YOU) no one can do that for you but you. Let’s make the best decision today and get you going and start generating the income you solely deserve and desire.

If you found what you read here makes sense and you need the help to make more sales please contact me (917)232-2464 OR YOU CAN ALSO REACH ME @EMPOWER181GMAIL.COM


To your success

Terrence Freeman