How To Create Your First Blog With Kalatu!

How To Create Your First Blog With Kalatu!

Hey There Terrence F. here and super excited to share with you some pointers when you start your first blog. Let me first just tell you in a brief bio about myself and how I got into blogging. Prior to writing blogs and promoting online I was in MLM in a company called Monavie,  Now to be honest I did get discouraged the first 90 days and not making a sale/ Lead. That very day (90th) I called my sponsor ready to quit and he reminded why i did join and that reason was my son and to give me and my family a better life. Fast forward 2 years I was doing ok I had 55 personals and over 400 + in my down line. Fast forward another year and that is when I started seeing my business start becoming a recycling bin (lol) at this point i knew I had to figure some thing out and I that change was i had to get my fanny online.

So after going though the struggle i decided to try some thing else and that was blogging. Blogging builds your audience, It collects email, It helps brand you and your domain. First let me put out there the fact that with a blog you can promote your products and or services. With this Platform called Kalatu will be and is the only blogging for profit platform. With a marketing offer in place with your blog you can get eyes on it. Have you guys heard of indexing (indexing your blog on Google). My friends this method is what helped my blog get ranked on the first page of Google. Take this platform with you to help build your current mlm or career.

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Blogging isn’t A Business Your Passion Is

Passion is what builds your blog, It gives you authority many online marketers/ bloggers know this. When a person subscribes to your blog it is our civil duty to respond to our readers.

How To Create Your First Blog With Kalatu

Look at your hobbies, what excite you, giving ideas and so on these building strategies will help put your blog on as an authority site online. I truly believe this platform is perfect for you. Take this platform get the modules inside and implement. Creating your first blog in Kalatu as you go through the training. SEO is also a key strategy help rank your blog online! Go here for your gift for reading my blog post

Take action today and be apart of Kalatu!


What a coincidence! Ground Zero of Ferguson riots was slated for redevelopment 2 years ago

WOW….This is what you call strategically wiping ppl out of a neighborhood and redevelop, Rid the trash i guess. Plus where did the funds go that was awarded to the cITY oF dELLWOOD BY East-West Gateway Council of Governments for the redevelopment of the West Florissant Road corridor.? bOMBSHELL FIND

Fellowship of the Minds

On the night of November 24, 2014, St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch’s announcement of the grand jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of black teen Michael Brown, was followed — predictably — by rioting, looting, and burning in Ferguson and environs.

Note: Ferguson is a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, and part of the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area. To the east of Ferguson are Dellwood and north St. Louis. Blacks comprise the majority of the population in the area:

Ferguson St. Louis map

Altogether, more than a dozen to 25 businesses suffered losses. (For a list of the businesses, click here.)

Here are the before and after images of some of the businesses that were burnt to the ground (for more images, see “Ferguson: Before and After…

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